How can a solicitor help me?


When discussing legal issues it is essential to get your point across unequivocally. Therefore, if English is not your first language and you feel your ability to communicate may be impaired when using that particular tongue, you should ask the law firm to provide an interpreter for you.


The solicitor should also accommodate you if you have a disability. If adjustments are necessary, you should inform the solicitor as early as possible so that they can do everything they can to make your visit expeditious.

Legal Aid

Another thing you should look out for when considering prospective law firms is whether or not they do legal aid work. If you have a low income or are receiving benefits you may be eligible for legal aid and therefore it may be worth restricting your search to law firms which do offer this service.


If the matter you are dealing with is a delicate one, then it is perfectly reasonable for you to request that you speak to a solicitor of the same sex if it makes you more comfortable. Although a solicitor should be sympathetic towards you whatever their size, shape or gender, you are well within your rights to specify someone of the same gender.